Uber Product Manager

Product management event in san francisco about how to get product management job at uber randy edgar product manager at uber gave an insider insight on how to the product manager how to get management job at uber by product manager at uber […]

In our first product management confessions with mina radhakrishnan the former head of product at uber shares best practices in the face of rapid product development uber mina radhakrishnan pm confessions […]

In this interview talk with rafi lurie about his work as product manager for uber he also shares bunch of tips on how best to prepare to become product manager while still in col what does an uber product manager do and how to become one […]

Do you love design are you motivated by utilizing technical skills and ytics to solve problems meet brittany cheng star product manager at yelp and get behind the scenes look at day in the life of product manager […]

Product management is niche area but with an ever increasing demand for talent however it is also not an easy role to ume that explains why the product management interview is tough how to become product manager interview tips […]