Stage Management Jobs

Meet rosie everything we see that happens techni in performance at the london coliseum is cued by rosie our deputy stage manager with nerves of opera jobs the stage manager […]

In the latest installment of our working in theatre web series jereme kyle lewis offers us glimpse into the organized chaos that is stage management jereme working in theatre stage manager […]

Find out what it takes to be stage manager for disney interested in applying check out our current offerings on www disneycareers com take bow stage manager […]

Have you ever wondered what those jobs are in the back of the playbill well ill tell you and im starting with what is stage manager who they are what adventures backstage what is stage manager […]

In this collection of films we explore the exciting variety of careers at the national theatre from rehearsals through to press nights andrew deals with careers at the national theatre stage manager […]

The stage management pathway of guildhalls ba technical theatre arts is all about developing your craft to professional standards in fully professional studying stage management at guildhall […]

Its been requested so go through what have in one of my prompt books for show check out why its good to keep these for future jobs and why its such an whats in stage managers prompt book aka sms bible […]