Osu Mapping Themes

Explaining how christmas and the holidays relate to beatmapping through themes charles445 made podcast covering some stuff closely related to what osu mapping themes […]

Explaining everything find important about timing in hopes that never need to talk about such boring topic again general timing basic offset osu mapping timing […]

Explaining the basics of stream movement and how it can be used to represent sounds in song just to clarify this isnt saying do things this way or your osu mapping streams […]

Explaining the difference between fun map and good map through examples and comparison to porter robinsons music shelter map ysis coming osu mapping fun vs good […]

Explaining how rhythm can be used to reflect music in osu mapping feat handsome maps from here onwards will be in 60fps because someone osu mapping basic rhythm […]

School project by using camtasia and fraps in this ill be showing you how to install some beatmaps and skins for osu yourcattutorials […]

Explaining how nostalgia can play role in mapping to express music uploaded week earlier than expected because relevant gn map patreon osu mapping nostalgia […]