Lodi Waste Management

First off huge thanks to the awesome friendly driver for letting kenny colby and me film him for those who dont know lodi recently converted most if not all waste mangement of lodi ca […]

Filmed december 20th heres the city of lodi collecting leaf piles in the city of lodi ca me nick and colby were filming wm and saw this as we were lodi leaf collection […]

For the first time on this channel decided to film leaf collection crew that doesnt use garbage truck this is kind of bonus from when was filming city of lodi leaf collection […]

The city of lodi is serviced by waste management the driver was cool for letting me record so big thanks to him here we have wittke crocodile city of lodi recycling collection […]

This is waste management freightliner cng mcneilus zr running out in lodi california this truck is becoming the new standard in the central valley in waste management freightliner mcneilus zr […]

On monday july automated trash collection will begin for the residents of the city of collinsville all residential customers will receive new gallon city of collinsville […]