Linux Window Manager Only

Okay so youve started customizing your linux desktop and have the awesome i3 tiling window manager installed what now the to find out great official i3 do entation here better linux window manager i3 tiling basics […]

In this course aline abler gives an introduction to tiling window managers slides are available here thealternative ch […]

This includes the solutions to screen tearing on linux in the world of the x11 server only one program can make your desktop effects stand out we look more into display and screen display compositing what is it and which one should you use […]

Note did not explain how to move clients around just how to focus the clients if you want to move client up down left or right you just need to hold down mod shift up down left right i3 window manager overview […]

Awesome is highly configurable next generation framework window manager for it is very fast extensible and licensed under the gnu gplv2 license it is primarly targeted at power users awesome window manager […]

Update have created newer on this topic because am dissatisfied with the approach result for this im only keeping this one up because it has my original song as the basic linux desktop demo […]