Keiths Emo Vlog

Li introspection goes long way for keith is that is he crying follow dreamworkstv voltron vlogs keith […]

Its been three days and im desperate for ideas had few this was the only one that was remotely okay pls send help keiths emo voltron […]

Telling the story again of how keith and met and games night with some friends dont forget to subscribe my keith forgot me […]

Yo so dont own the music or the clip because voltron and dreamworks owns it also made this in like minutes yesterday and im proud of it oh yee follow my edit account on stop hurting my cinnamon roll or fite me keiths vlog edit […]

Keith reaper main confirmed lol ing save me from this fandom im stuck here in im keith im so emo […]

Coran teaches you what not to do in intense combat how not to act when waking up from sleep chamber and what it looks like when lion of voltron has not chosen you to be its paladin voltron vlogs coran […]