Iphone 5c 32gb Verizon For Sale

Make sure to like comment and subscribe this is unboxing of the iphone 5c pink version pink you may ask yes this one is for my wife also picked up the silver gb iphone 5s for myself iphone 5c unboxed pink gb version […]

Arriving later than expected here is my unboxing of the new iphone in the black 32gb follow me on twitter iphone unboxing […]

Heres my review of the new iphone 5c apple has made low cost option to iphone users that still runs ios has really good plastic and most of the iphone specs check out my iphone 5c review […]

In ios and on apple is warning users of older bit apps that the app will not work with future versions of ios future versions most likely means ios expected to be released in iphone 5c did not get ios is it time to upgrade […]