How To Fix Broken Ps3

How to open ps3 fix no power powersupply install service how to un security lock ps3 tools needed buy power supply board how to open ps3 fix no power […]

This fix repair is the most effective way to fix repair most problems you will face with your ps3 also if you saw my broken ps3 this is how to fix that ps3 repair fix […]

This will greatly help you if you are having any problems with your sony ps3 especilly disc drive problems or you cant insert disk this will explain what how to fix broken ps3 disc tray […]

Another faulty console for me to try and repair this time got pretty good deal on an older sony playstation 40gb suffering from the ylod yellow light of ps3 ylod repair […]

Fix glitchy broken ps3 controller if your buttons dont work or they make the menu go on the fritz this is likely the repair you need the only tool required is how to fix broken ps3 controller […]

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