Gas Bubble In Stomach Early Pregnancy

Why is my stomach so bloated in early pregnancy im uming you are not way off on your due date the doctor did sonogram so we know how far along am and are you doing double duty why is my stomach so bloated in early pregnancy […]

Flutters or gas thank you all so much for ing and subscribing we appreciate every one of you im going to try to get on here later and answer lots of comments from the past few days flutters or gas […]

Gas and bloating occur as natural result of the bodys digestion breaking down food when gas does not leave the body through burping or flatulence it builds up in the digestive tract and get rid of bloated stomach with these home reme for bloating […]

Know week isnt always vlog worthy but did experience some symptoms wanted to share actually took note of these symptoms as they were strange my first signs am so happy to pregnancy week […]

Never ignore these symptoms frequent backaches in case you are not suffering from any type of joint pain or osteoporosis then these backaches might be symptom or side effect of developing women do not ignore these symptoms of pain before its too late […]

Months baby christine doing li kicks this is the first of her movements you can see my stomach doing li twitches just to the left of my belly button right after quit ajusting first li flutters […]