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Herbert maia economista especialista em marketing gestao de servicos pela ufc ainda consultor de empresas professor universitario em cursos de administracao coach vice presidente vice presidente da byu ms herbert maia apoia chapa […]

What is the value of humanities education in the modern world combining humanities with technical knowledge—in all majors across campus—prepares students for real world job experience when the humanities become the world by scott sprenger […]

Amy oliver will provide an overview of her current position with the securities and exchange commission in salt lake city and will describe her career path provide career advice and discuss political strategy […]

Meet yale graduate daniel hoffman he entered teach for america with high hopes but one year later daniel was out of the cl room sometimes even the best of intentions arent enough the real world of teach for america daniel hoffman […]

Are you interested in the world but wonder what types of jobs will fuel your dreams policy experts based in washington will share how you can start your career in international affairs careers in international affairs […]

It is time to start talking to each other not past each other the ma in political communication at american university does that learn more and apply at ma in political communication […]

Mark kennedy director graduate school of political management the george washington university kennedy discusses the benefits of trade and how we expand it igniting growth through trade […]